Armor of the Celestial Rose


This spiked green and brown +3 chainmail is emblassoned with a thorny red rose on the chest. It is so fine and light that it is considered light armor. It has a maximum Dexterity bonus of +8, an armor check penalty of –2, and an arcane spell failure chance of 15%. It allows the wearer to use fly on command (as the spell) once per day.

As an immediate action the thorns can cover the armor and acts as normal spiked armor. On command up to three times per day, the wearer can fire one of the rose’s thorns. A fired thorn has a +1 enhancement bonus, a range increment of 120 feet, and deals 1d10 points of damage (19–20/x2). Fired thorns regenerate each day.

Wearer’s of the armor of the Celestial Rose gain a +2 bonus on any charisma based rolls with those of the opposite gender.


Armor of the Celestial Rose

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