Robes of the Paths


This robe combines the powers of a monks robe and a necklace of ki serenity. It also prevents items from giving bonuses to the wearers stats. As you opened your mind to the knowledge of the past you gained knowledge of the path your may one day walk.

Inherent Bonus Strength Dexterity Constitution
+1 Climb or Swim 4 Acrobatics 4 Survival or Heal 4
+2 Climb or Swim 8 Acrobatics 8 Survival or Heal 8
+3 Climb or Swim 12 Acrobatics 12 Survival or Heal 12
+4 Climb or Swim 16 Acrobatics 16 Survival or Heal 16
+5 Climb or Swim 20 Acrobatics 20 Survival or Heal 20
Inherent Bonus Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
+1 History 4 Perception or Sense Motive 4 Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate 4
+2 Nature 4 Perception or Sense Motive 8 Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate 8
+3 Planes 4 Perception or Sense Motive 12 Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate 12
+4 1 Knowledge at 8 Perception or Sense Motive 16 Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate 16
+5 1 Knowledge at 12 Perception or Sense Motive 20 Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate 20

Brother Shin briefly thinks about the history of the castle and the land he now lives in as he folds his robes. As he finishes he looks down noticing he has done a horrible job, however he sees that the squiggles and swirls on the robe spell out a sentence.

“To begin the path, one must study the past.”

As you understand the past, you stumble across an old passage of your God’s love of Origami. Folding the robe into a crane using the techniques from an old passage your read, you find an entire book is written on your robes describing methods of improving oneself.

The second sentence reads:

“One must study one’s one nature to learn more about one’s true limits.”

The third reads

“One must learn to push past the limits of this world and embrace the the limitless possibilities of the multiverse.”

The fourth reads

“Having a base of knowledge and seeing the paths before you, one must focus on the path of knowledge one wishes to pursue.”

The final passage reads:

“Having chosen your path one must follow it to the end, uncovering all there is to know along one’s chosen path of enlightenment.”

Robes of the Paths

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