Stone Tablet Spellbook


1st: mage armor, shield, charm person, chill touch, grease, ray of enfleeblement, interrogation, icicle dagger, gravity bow

2nd: resist energy, blindness/deafness, detect thoughts, false life, ghoul touch, blood transcription, unnatural lust, fox’s cunning

3rd: dispel magic, suggestion, fireball, tongues, vampiric touch, draconic reservoir

4th: bestow curse, dimension door, phantasmal killer, animate dead

5th: waves of fatigue, dominate person, lesser planar binding, beast shape III, wreath of blades

6th: planar binding, legend lore, create undead, mage’s lubrication

7th: create lesser demi-plane

8th: trap the soul, greater planar binding, created greater undead

9th: teleportation circle, cursed earth, ride the lightning


There are 12 slabs of the stone spellbook contains the following spells. Each weights about 80 lbs. This was found in Vordakai’s lair.

Stone Tablet Spellbook

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