Corarda En'sinta


Semi sentient ring of wizardry I
Gives +1 bonuses to knowledge skills at the cost of one or more 1st level spells

Certain schools provide greater bonuses to certain knowledge skills.

Knowledge Skill School Bonus
Arcana Evocation +3
Dungeoneering Abjuration +3
Engineering Transmutation +3
Geography Divination +3
History Divination +4
Local Divination +3
Nature Universal +3
Nobility Enchantment +3
Planes Conjuration +3
Religion Necromancy +3

Found on the undead body of the former Magister of Varnhold. This ring whispers to Talreth when he concentrates on remembering any details on the lore he has read. My preciousssss….

Corarda En'sinta

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