Zuddiger’s Book


Cast the energies of a conjuration spell at a page in the book and you shall be teleported to the Thousandbreaths gate’s earthly location, the more powerful the spell the more people can be transported.


Talreth was given the first few pages of this book by Ildrim with the following explanation:

“Talreth, more than you know, you have followed your father’s path. That of magic and blade, but also of location. These “Stolen Lands” are more aptly named than you know, for these lands were once elven lands. These lands are also the lands your father and sister were last seen 40 years ago. Your father and sister were searching for something, exactly what I know not, but their orders came from the elven council. However shortly before their last known siting he contacted me and asked if I had ever heard of a book by Zuddiger. He believed it may be a spell book of some power.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered who Zuddiger might be and what book he was talking about. Zuddiger was no wizard or even a sorcerer. No he was merely an artist of some talent from the nearby ‘Kingdom’ of Pitax. This man had created a book with wood cut illustrations on right hand pages and the accompanying text on the left hand page. Shortly after publishing his book the man went on a murder spree killing and new person each week and recreating one of the illustrated scenes from his book from body parts of his victims. He was quickly caught, tried and executed. In addition his books were rounded up and burnt. This has made finding any copies of the book difficult, but I have found the first five pages of this 32 page book.

“I believe your father got a copy of this book and followed through the gate depicted on page five, but a gate to where I don’t know. Perhaps more will be revealed on the following missing pages or in the history of this Zuddiger fellow.”

The book is part map, part survival guide and gateway to the First World, specifically the realm known as the Thousandbreaths.

The book tells of a man voyage and the dangers encountered there. The inside of the back cover is said to contain the map of the Thousandbreaths.

Only a single page is needed to transport you to the gates location, but it is said that without the foreknowledge of what a traveller shall face or a map of the routes within all but the most powerful mortals shall never return from the voyage.

Zuddiger’s Book Page 1
Zuddiger’s Book Pages 2 and 3
Zuddiger’s Book Pages 4 and 5
Zuddiger’s Book Pages 6 and 7
Zuddiger’s Book Pages 8 and 9
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Zuddiger’s Book

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