Loot Batch 12

List of all Treasure

Session of August 3

Gold: 346 gp

Item Value Claimed by
+2 Chain shirt 2000 gp
+1 Long sword 1000 gp
Potion of speak with animals (2) 50 gp
Restorative ointment (4 charges) Party (Scarlet)
Cursed ring of bestial friendship 500 gp
Gloves of swimming & climbing 3125 gp
Owlbear cub 3000 gp
Antitoxin (1 left) Scarlet
Smokestick Nicholas
Tanglefoot bag Kyle
Thunderstone (2) Kyle, Nicholas
Wyvern parts 600 gp Kyle
Beppo Faisal Kyle Nicholas Scarlet Talreth Aleric Mikmek
1770 gp 0 gp 1170 gp 1770 gp 1770 gp 0 gp 1770 gp 1770 gp

The restorative ointment has been counted as party treasure. Some small items have been handed out without bothering to price them.

Loot Batch 12

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