Loot Batch 19

Loot Batch 19 (Month 15)

Beppo Faisal Nicholas Scarlet Shin Ildrim
Total Share 2502.4 gp 2502.4 gp 2502.4 gp 2502.4 gp 2502.4 gp 2502.4 gp
Claimed Items 0 gp 3484.5 gp 3000 gp 0 gp 4000 gp 0 gp
Remaining Items 1333.3 gp 0 gp 0 gp 1333.3 gp 0 gp 1333.3 gp
Coins 1169.1 gp -7982.1 gp -497.6 gp 1169.1 gp -1497.6 gp 1169.1 gp
Sold Items (Month 16) 0 gp 0 gp 0 gp 0 gp 0 gp 0 gp
Unsold Items (after Month 16) 0 gp 0 gp 0 gp 0 gp 0 gp 0 gp
Items Sale Value Claimed by
Ring of Sustenance 1250 gp Faisal
Halberd +1 1155 gp Faisal
Zombie Skin Shield 1079.5 gp Faisal
Ring of Strength Sapping 4000 gp
Ring of Swarming Stabs 3000 gp Nicholas
Staff of Minor Arcana 4000 gp Shin
Raise Dead and Restorations for Scarlet -7000 gp Faisal
Girdle of Opposite Gender ? gp

Zombie Skin Shield
This +1 light steel shield is wrapped in a layer of gray skin. Once per day, the wearer can animate the skin as a human zombie under her control, as if she had created it with animate dead, for a period of 5 minutes. When the time expires, the zombie returns to the shield. If the zombie is destroyed or cannot reach the shield by the time it expires, placing the shield on a Medium humanoid corpse for 1 hour recreates the shield’s skin.

Ring of Strength Sapping
This ring is made of black steel and is eerily cold to the touch. Once per day as a swift action, when the wearer hits a living creature with an unarmed or natural weapon attack, the target must succeed at a DC 20 Fortitude saving throw or take 1d4 point of Strength damage in addition to the attack’s normal damage. If the target of the attack takes any Strength damage from this attack, the ring’s wearer gains a +2 enhancement bonus to her Strength for 1 minute.

Ring of Swarming Stabs
This ring is crafted of hardened leather strips, into which bits of fur, feathers, bone, and ivory have been woven. Twice per day, when the wearer is flanking an opponent, he can as a swift action deal an additional 1d6 points of damage on a successful melee attack against that opponent. This is a sneak attack for any effects that reduce or negate such damage.

Staff of Minor Arcana
This gleaming staff is made of polished silver and capped with a simple gemstone. It is frequently given as a gift to apprentice spellcasters upon completing their tutelage. The staff allows use of the following spells:

  • Shield (1 charge)
  • Magic missile (2 charges)

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Loot Batch 19

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