Loot Batch 7

List of all Treasure

Session of July 2

Item Value Claimed by
Wand of hideous laughter 10 chg 450 gp
Necklace with red gem of fireballs 4d6 1 chg not much Kyle
Blue dragonhide breastplate +1, SR13 4850 gp Scarlet
Blue dragonhide heavy shield +1 670 gp
Elemental gem water (large elemental) 1125 gp
Staff +1, spell storing 4000 gp
Dead elf hand (hand of the mage) 450 gp
Cloak of resistance +1 500 gp Kyle
curved dagger +1, sacrificial to be destroyed
Tree feather token 200 gp
ivory comb 50 gp
75 gp
remaining value of Belt of Str 626 gp Faisal
Beppo Faisal Kyle Nicholas Scarlet Talreth
2504 gp 1878 gp 2504 gp 104 gp 2504 gp 2504 gp

If you want to lay claim to any item, reduce your share/gold appropriately and make sure no one else has claimed it.

Loot Batch 7

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