You and your fellow adventurers finish making camp along the South Rostland Road a days travel to Oleg’s Trading Post. Your mind wanders back to what set you on this path a mere week ago…

You are escorted into the council chambers of the city of Restov alongside others whom appear to be adventurers as well. The summons which brought you here hinted at the offer of a charter possibly leading to wealth, glory and prestige for those brave enough to accept it and skilled enough to complete it. Inside the council chambers the Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius studies a rolled out map and bids you enter.

“I have need of men of great potential to see this charter to its completion. All of you men were suggested to me by someone whose judgment I trust. The charter should explain some of what is required of you. I will answer any questions you might still have.”

He tosses a rolled up scroll to each of you.


Throne of Thorns

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