Early Loot

List of all Treasure

Loot Batch 6
Sessions of June 15 and June 22

Character Gold Items
Talreth 1374 gp
Nicholas 124 gp cloak of elvenskinkind
Scarlet 1374 gp
Beppo 1374 gp
Faisal 0 gp belt of giant strength +2
Kyle 796 gp

Faisal’s getting a slightly larger share for the belt of strength. I figure that’s preferable to sitting through a sermon on how Sarenrae demands that we give him the belt.


Broken +2 fey-bane sword – We’ll try to repair it.
Holy Knick-knack of Sarenrae

Loot Batch 5
Sessions of May 4, May 11, June 8

Character Gold Items
Talreth 853 gp scroll of legend lore, feather token – tree, book page
Nicholas 4073 gp feather token (tree)
Scarlet 5073 gp feather token (tree)
Beppo 3673 gp wand of CLW (26), potion of CMW, feather token – tree (1 left)
Faisal 853 gp feather token – tree

The loot includes 4 masterwork weapons of any type (reward for Flagrim Sneeg). Anyone who wants one can have it for 150 gp otherwise they were sold off.

Loot Batch 4


Item Character
+1 Rapier Nicholas
+1 longsword Glyn
+1 magical beast bane arrows (3) Nicholas, Glyn, Talreth
+1 composite longbow (2 Str) Glyn
+1 leather armour Talreth
+1 amulet of natural armor Scarlet
Stag’s Helm Nicholas
4 potions of cure moderate wounds Nicholas, Glyn, Talreth, Scarlet
1 potion of cure light wounds Talreth
1 potion of lesser restoration Glyn


3120 gp each for Nicholas, Glyn, Talreth and Scarlet

Miscellaneous gear sold for 3450 gp
Jewelry worth 2900 gp
Charter reward of 5000 gp
+1 ranseur from Davik Nettle sold for 1155 gp

Loot Batch 3


Item Character
Hat of Charisma Scarlet
Wand of Burning Hands – CL 2, 4 charges Talreth
Spellbook – Identify, Mage Armour Talreth
Wooden book page Talreth
Scabbard of Vigour Glyn
6 Arrows – +1 Beast-bane Nicholas, Glyn, Max


131 gp each for Nicholas, Glyn, Talreth, Max, Thelonius and Scarlet

Loot Batch 2
Shares come to 992 gp each including all loot and bounties.
We also have 4 CLW potions.

Included in the total above

Item Value Character
Wand – Magic missile (CL 3, 25 charges) 562.5 gp Talreth
Sickle – Masterwork cold iron 156 gp
Bracers – Armour +1 500 gp Thelonius
Scroll – Fly 187.5 gp Talreth
Shield – Masterwork light steel 79.5 gp
Boots – Elvenkind 1250 gp Nicholas (excess cost reimbursed)
7 Bolts – +1 flaming 581.356 gp

Loot Batch 1
1171.1 gp

Light Riding Horses Horse x6
Masterwork Handaxes x2
Composite Longbow +2 Str
Leather Armor x12 x13
Studded Leather Armour x2
Short Swords x12
Shortbows x8

If you wish to keep the longbow you borrowed from Oleg’s you can trade some of the equipment for it. Any loot not listed above was sold and included in the gold piece amount.

With the spreading of word that the bandits have been taken care of (at least locally), Oleg can buy 500 gp worth of loot next week.


Character Items Value
Glyn Light riding horse, 20 arrows (?) 75 gp
Max Composite Longbow (+2 Str), quiver and 40 arrows, Light riding horse 375 gp
Nick Light riding horse, 20 arrows (?) 75 gp
Talreth Studded Leather Armor (traded in leather armor), longbow (trade light riding horse with Oleg), quiver and 40 arrows 90 gp
Thelonius Light riding horse, both masterwork handaxes 687 gp

Early Loot

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