Loot Batch 13

List of all Treasure

Session of August 10

Gold: 1765 gp

Item Value Claimed by
+2 Mithral chainmail 4000 gp Talreth
+1 Dagger 1000 gp Kyle
Amulet of natural armour +1 1000 gp
+1 Battleaxe 1000 gp
Bag of holding (type 1) Party
Wand of shatter (9 charges) 405 gp
Wand of lightning bolt (20 charges) 2250 gp
Belt of giant strength +2 2000 gp
Masterwork greatsword 175 gp
Potion of cure moderate wounds Kyle
Potion of gaseous form Kyle
Black adder venom (2) Kyle
+1 Cold iron shortsword (from Nicholas) 2150 gp
Shadow & Whisper Nicholas
Beppo Faisal Kyle Nicholas Scarlet Talreth
3149 gp 3149 gp 3149 gp 3149 gp 3149 gp 0 gp

Shadow & Whisper were gifts to Nicholas from his father.
Some small items have been handed out without bothering to price them.

If you wish to claim any item, reduce your share of gold appropriately and make sure no one else has claimed it.

Loot Batch 13

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