Kingdom Quests

  • Find the missing child.
  • Kill the dragon forest drake.

Chartered Quests

  • Defeat the Stag Lord, boss of the bandits. His keep is in the south on the shore of the lake.
    Reward: 5000 gp

Personal Quests

  • Find the relic of Saranrae.
  • Build a temple to Saranrae.
    Reward: A cleric that works
  • Find Bekken’s other brother Darryl The Doodad and bring him back dead or alive.
    Reward: 1 potion of restoration
  • Throw the Stag Lord’s dead body into the Shrike River to satisfy the undead Davik Nettles’ revenge.
    Reward: Undead menace on shrike river ends.
  • Find the lost temple of Erastil.
    Reward: Jhod Kavken’s healing services “for life” – however long that is
  • Bring 5 moon-radishes to Svetlana. They can be found in the northern part of the forest, where the kobolds are.
    Reward: A taste of Svetlana’s “special” soup

Bounty’s Listed on Oleg’s Trading Post

  • Wanted Flagrim Sneeg: Capture or kill Flagrim Sneeg.
    Reward: 4 masterwork weapons if alive, 2 if dead
  • Fangberries: Retrieve enough Fangberries for 7 potions. This should be enough to get Bekken back on his feet and able to pick Fangberries himself.
    Reward: 25% off potions for a month
  • Lost Ring: Recover Svetlana’s wedding ring. It was taken by bandits, but we didn’t find it at their camp – it may have been stolen from them.
    Reward: 1000 gp credit at Oleg’s
  • Kobold Threat: Ensure kobold threat is dealt with.
    Reward 800 gp


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